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        Arbor Lanes
        Arbor Lanes
        Ayala Land Ayala Land Arbor Lanes Arbor Lanes Ayala Land Arbor Lanes Taguig
        13,000,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, 2 BR,
        Western Bucutan , Taguig , Metro Manila PH Arbor Lanes Ayala Land Arbor Lanes Arbor Lanes Ayala Land Arbor Lanes Taguig
        Panglao Oasis
        Panglao Oasis
        Filinvest Filinvest Panglao Oasis Panglao Oasis Filinvest Panglao Oasis Taguig
        3,500,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   2 BR, 3 BR
        Levi B. Mariano Ave, , Taguig , Metro Manila PH Panglao Oasis Filinvest Panglao Oasis Panglao Oasis Filinvest Panglao Oasis Taguig
        St. Moritz Private Estate
        St. Moritz Private Estate
        Megaworld Megaworld St. Moritz Private Estate St. Moritz Private Estate Megaworld St. Moritz Private Estate Taguig
        15,700,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   2 BR, 3 BR, 4 BR
        Mckinley West Bonifacio Global , Taguig , Metro Manila PH St. Moritz Private Estate Megaworld St. Moritz Private Estate St. Moritz Private Estate Megaworld St. Moritz Private Estate Taguig
        The Florence
        The Florence
        Megaworld Megaworld The Florence The Florence Megaworld The Florence Taguig
        7,272,720 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, 2 BR, 3 BR
        McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio , Taguig , Metro Manila PH The Florence Megaworld The Florence The Florence Megaworld The Florence Taguig
        The Luxe Residences
        The Luxe Residences
        BNZ Group BNZ Group The Luxe Residences The Luxe Residences BNZ Group The Luxe Residences Taguig
        10,000,000 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1BR, 2BR, 3BR, 3BR Deluxe
        28th Street corner 4th Avenue, , Taguig , Metro Manila PH The Luxe Residences BNZ Group The Luxe Residences The Luxe Residences BNZ Group The Luxe Residences Taguig
        The Trion Towers
        The Trion Towers
        Robinsons Land Robinsons Land The Trion Towers The Trion Towers Robinsons Land The Trion Towers Taguig
        9,070,957 & Up PHP
        Condominium   1 BR, 3 BR
        McKinley Parkway, BGC , Taguig , Metro Manila PH The Trion Towers Robinsons Land The Trion Towers The Trion Towers Robinsons Land The Trion Towers Taguig
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        Condos Fort Real Estate For Sale

        BGC Fort Condos
        Taguig is one of the cities that make up the Metro Manila. It is a highly developed city with a population of about twenty one thousand people. Finding a comfortable and spacious condo in this city is quite easy. The condos are tastefully designed with an exception interior decor. Apart from the beauty and the coziness of the condos themselves, the amazing properties of the city itself add onto the beauty of the homes.

        History of BGC Fort
        BGC stands for Bonifacio Global City and was founded through the partnership of BCDA (Bases Conversation and Development Authority) and BLDC (Bonifacio Land and Development Corporation).

        During the American rule in the Philippines, the Americans acquired land for military purposes. When Philippines regained its political indepence, they were given full rights to their country except for the military land. When finally they were given rights to the land a dispute arose as to which city between Makati and Taguig  should own it due to its potential growth. BGC was constructed on the disputed land.

        Acquiring a home in BCG
        BGC is a financial city in Metro Manila, Philippines.  However, it is primarily a residential area. The peaceful environment  and the not so much activities in the city within the residential areas make it a lovely place to live and to raise kids. Condos in BGC are quiet amazing. Some are built where the owner can overlook the city from their own home. The basic needs are accessible by all residential homes. Shops, amenities, open-air markets and restaurants are all just around the corner. It is easy to get to the residential areas due to the good roads.

        The city is slowly turning to a commercialized city and in a few years time it will be an envious town. Investing in a home in this city is wise especially for those who work here. This is because it is important to live near where you work. You do not have to close your business too early because your home is far and for those who are employed you do not have to keep looking at your watch wondering when your boss will release you since your home will be just a few metres away.
        The availability of schools in this mostly residential city is another advantageous thing. Children do not have to travel a long distance just to acquire some knowledge. In this city, I can simply say that there is everything for everyone no matter your taste, your dislike and your age.

        If you have a home around the Bonifacio High Street you have really got something yo be proud of. This is not because of the home itself but because everything and every service is at your disposal; malls, entertainment and leisure facilities etc not forgetting that homes around this area are very beautiful and serve the best a home can do. For those who live in the fourth block that is, the Bonifacio High Street South, there are a lot of things you can be proud of. This block is a commercial-residential block hence there is a combination of commercial activities and residential buildings. Looking at what the block offers, as a resident in the area you have nothing to be disappointed at. This is because the block being a commercial block, there are many job opportunities for the jobless or those who want to switch jobs. It is also a good place to do business whether small or large. The combination also allows one to work and still live in the same block but just a few miles away from home to work. It is thrilling to live near your workplace because of the thought that you will have saved yourself a lot of  trouble such as waking up early and you will even save what you would have used as fare since you can walk to your workplace. The city center is quite easy to navigate both by use of the car and also while on foot.

        Schools in BGC
        There are countless number of schools in this city. The schools run from kindergarten way up to university and colleges. The schools in this city are well constructed so you do not have to worry about the building collapsing on your child. Above all all the schools have all the basic facilities that are required in schools and some even go an extra length to provide extra facilities for the children so as to ensure that they are comfortable while in school both in the playground and in the class.

        Schools in BGC provide all levels of education. They also provide various systems of education. Those who want the progressive system of education are sorted out as well as those who prefer the traditional education system. Public schools are available in the city as well ad private schools. Living near your children's school is very important since schools shape one's characters, personality etc. There are major educational institutions in BGC that offer the best education ever. For instance the International School Manilla which has excellent ways of teaching. It also has a media center, performance hall, two theatres and activity hall. For those who prefer the British system of education British School Manila is there for you. This school offers more than you can imagine. The most amazing thing with it is that there is no overcrowding in classrooms and teachers have enough time with student because they are usually less than twenty per class. The school has a multi-purpose hall, play areas for the kids refectories and a shuttle bus service for those who will be taking buses when going to and from home. There is the Global City Innovative College for those who  want to take nursing, hospitality, vocational, technical and short-term courses. Treston International College is also in BGC and offers IT, hospitality, culinary and business courses.

        Other schools include Makati Gospel Church New Life Christian Academy, Everest Academy and Manilla Japanese School for Janapanese students. ts. The British, Japanese, and American international schools, and other local schools are located in the uptown Bonifacio area. With all these schools around your children's education does not have to stress you. There are pedestrian-friendly roads and walkways around the city therefore there is no way the children will be knocked by cars.

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        Transportation in BGC
        Getting around in BGC is not hard. There are several means of transport in the city. For city to city transfer you can use the rail by the the use of the Manila Light Rail Transit Line  2 which runs along Ramon Magsaysay Blvd from Santa Cruz, through Quezon City, up to Santolan in Marikina and Pasig.

        Traveling by bus between cities has been made easier by Bonifacio Transport Corporation, the BGC bus. The bus offers intercity services. The bus operates on seven routes transversing from city to city. It operates on a twenty four hour basis thus no worry of missing it. Many passengers in the bus are usually those working or living in BGC thus as a resident there you do not have to be anxious about missing the stops.

        Taxicabs are easy to get. You just have to stand on the sidewalk and flag one and it will stop for you. These taxis can take you to your desired destination since there are no restrictions on where they cannot go. Taxis are therefore the best means of public transport because they are efficient. Furthermore, they are cheap.

        Jeepneys are also easy to find and are the commonly used means of transport. They are cheaper than other means of public transportation. Jeeps can stop anywhere unlike buses. They are also easy to get in and to alight because of their open rear door design. However, jeepneys are usually overcrowded.

        BGC has major health institutions ranging from public hospitals to private hospitals. There are also non- governmental health centres around. The hospitals are easily accessible and most of them are on highways and major streets thus easily accessed by the use of cars and cabs. For those using the bus, the distance from the bus stop to the hospital is not much. There are numerous clinics in the city where one can visit for minor health issues.

        Places to eat out
        Bonifacio Global City being a commercial-residential city, it has several shopping centres to cater for the needs of those who work or live there. There are food stalls around the city. These are for those who live in a tight budget. The stalls offer cheap foods. They can be found not far from major commercial centres thus for those who work in these offices. They are also not far from education institutions so those studying are not left out.

        There are restaurants all over the city. These range from the cheapest to the quiet expensive ones. Just drop off at one that is within your budget. There are also five star and four star hotels within the city. Serendra has many restaurants and since it is a residential area, it is a good place to eat out then head home.

        The list of some hotels found in the city include F1 Hotel Manila, The Loft Residences, Ascott Bonifacio Global City, Seda Bonifacio Global City, Avant Serviced Suites, Luxury Condo at Forbeswood Parklane among others. These show just how many places there are for eating out when too tired to cook, in a mood to eat out, when celebrating something or even when you just do not have time to make a meal at home. At the end of Bonifacio High Street there is the Fort Strip and the Fort Entertainment Complex which has a cluster of international restaurants, cozy bars, lounges and clubs. Recovery Food also offers round-the-clock drunken therapy with its hearty meals and comfort food. For coffee lovers you can visit places like Kuppa Roastery for a cup of coffee. For lovers of Italian cuisine, Caffe Puccini is there for you. Spanish Tapas us one not to be forgotten, for this visit Taoeo restaurant. For Mexican food, Óreo comes in for you.

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        Shopping Centres
        This city offers amazing shopping experience. There is everything for both the locals and travelers more so for the locals because they are always there and can visit these markets as much as the want. There are shopping malls in the city. Boutique malls are all over the city centre. Lifestyle malls are also available. There are major shopping centres for both the residents of this city and the tourists.
        For those in a tight budget, there are bargain centres where you can buy things for a reduced price. There are also open air markets around the city.
        There is the traditional SM department store and supermarket. Here you can get both local and foreign brands. Retail establishments are also available. One thing about most of the shopping centres here is that they provide parking spaces for their customers.
        Bonifacio High Street is mother of retail shops although the malls in this street observe mall hours. At the Market! Market! Mall there are all kind of goods; flowers, shoes, clothes and furniture.

        Entertainment and recreation
        The city not only offers shopping centres to its residents but also amazing entertainment facilities. Fort Strip and the Fort Entertainment Complex which consist of a cluster of international restaurants, cozy bars, and stylish clubs and lounges offer the best entertainment ever. This is also the best place to meet up with friends for events and even to have fun. The malls in this city offer a state-of-the-art cinema facilities for instance in the Market! Market! Mall.

        For recreation activities walking and bicycling are the best because BGC roads are pedestrian friendly. There are walkways thus no risk of being knocked by cars. There are centres that offer yoga exercises located in the city centre. BGC also offers a lot of exciting activities that even adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers will enjoy. It’s a fun alternative aside from exercise and running.